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First book post!! 

My first post yeah!! This whole thing started when a book caught my eye the other day. It was The Red Queen dies, by Frankie Y Bailey. It was written in 2013 and is set in 2019. 

The book is an easy to read mystery, that had no problem keeping my attention. There is a serial killer on the loose with three victims that don’t seem to fit together. Hints from Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of  are spread through out the book.  Even after finding the common link I had still not settled on who I thought the killer was. In the end it takes a slightly unexpected turn, and leaves you with a small “ah-ha” moment. 

Over all it was a great book, that I was able to relax and somewhat mindlessly read. The beginning throws you off with an alien attack that doesn’t seem to fit, and isn’t mentioned but maybe one or two more times and is irrelevant. Another thing that bothered me, because I thought that I had missed the explanation, were the ORBS. These I’m guessing are cell phone like projectors of the new age. I wanted to know if they were “orbs” or O.R.B’s. After some googling I found that I was not the only one who felt like they needed further explanation.  Often the futuristic parts seemed awkwardly placed in, but I don’t feel like it made the book less enjoyable. 
I give this book 4/5 glasses of wine.                🍷🍷🍷🍷


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