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Finally made it through #6

Three weeks…three weeks is what it took for me to read this book! I found Under the wide and starry sky by Nancy Horan in a small book shop minutes from the Ga Fl line. It looked promising in the description and reviews. It takes place in the late 1800’s, following Franny and her family all over the world.

The book was was rather painful to read. The chapters would end, and the next would start in a new location and a different scenario. Randoms things like pets, were mentioned once and never brought back up. Franny leaves her cheating husband and ends up falling in love with a writer, Louis. 

Louis is super sick and they travel all over the world to keep his lungs healthy, and to help him write. Through all this Franny loses a son to taberculosis, her daughter runs off and gets married, and she ships her other son off to school (this one remains the most faithful and sticks with her).

Other troubles include his family, who has money but doesn’t approve of his choice to be a writer (after they put him through legal school), book writing issues, and dramatic back stabbing friends. While writing they end up on an island, where franny acts like a dementia patient for a while (still don’t really understand this). 

All in all, after making it through everything and focusing on louis’ health….he in the end just up and dies from a brain hemorrhage while he is talking to Franny… seriously…I suffered through this whole book and that’s my reward? 
This book gets one glass of wine….others may think it is an amazing piece of work…I just think it took too much work to get through. šŸ·


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