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#4= strange 

I knew I was going a large book store this weekend, so when I finished #3 I decided to pick out a short quick book to tied me over. The result was a very strange experience.

When my 9 year old lab mix was a puppy I got on a dog themed book kick. I read heart warming tear jerkers about pups that made big impacts, dogs that survived bad odds, and books about raising strong willed puppies into productive adults. The result of all that reading is a nine year old lab who still chews everything, but follows instructions well enough have survived this long. I assumed that Nose down, eyes up by Merrill Markoe would be one if these sappy reads…I was wrong…very…

The book is about Gil who is in his late forties and, due to a bad divorce, is living like a twenty year old. He works as a maintenance man at a family vacation home, where he lives with his four dogs until they decide to use it. Only one dog, Jimmy,  is really his. The others are rescues that his hippy girlfriend has dumped on him.
Through a series of events, he ends up doing a job for his ex wife’s new husband and living in their guest house. During all this Gil discovers his dogs talking to eachother, and starts having conversations with them. He tries to make money by blogging about it and selling tshirts, but this flops because Jimmy goes through a period of reconnecting with his family.

Gil ends up having an affair with his ex wife which messes with his job and relationship with the hippy. He ends up at his mother’s house, while fighting his own identity issues. He ends up having to rush back to his “home” where wildfires threaten Jimmy’s life, and all the houses that he’s involved with have burnt down. It all ends up being ok in the end, however Gil ends up living in a tent. 

The book has a lot of crude humor, cussing, and some talk about sex (thankfully it doesn’t really describe it). This didn’t really bother me, and didn’t add or take anything away from the story. What I did have a problem with, was trying to figure out if the dogs were really talking to him or if he was going crazy. Gil was also too nonchalant about finding a pack of talking dogs, and likewise the dogs seemed too natural with it.
I give it three out of five wine glasses. It was a good quick read, but was a tad awkward. 🍷🍷🍷

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Adventure #2

My fave  book so far! Mr. Churhill’s Secretary by Susan Elia Macneal, takes place in London in 1940. It is a page turner, to say the least!

This book was an amazing find! I was drawn to the cover first because of the red hair (I’m partial) but the description was intriguing. It’s about Maggie who gets hired to work in the office of newly sworn in  prime minister Winston Churchill. From beginning to end Maggie encounters multiple obstacles that help her discover how strong she is, and what her role in the war is. She also helps prove that women can do more for the war than just type in an office.

There are several story lines to follow, all from different veiws of the war but still intertwined with each other. The book illustrates a realistic picture of daily life dealing with air raids, with sad but beautiful details. None of the characters can be trusted and you end up hating and loving the wrong people. Once you feel like you have a grasp of what’s going on or that everyone is finally safe, the story takes a sharp turn toward the unexpected. Even when it all comes together in the end, the author has one more surprise. 

It’s hard to describe too much, without giving away the secrets. However, if you need a fast paced book that’ll keep you on your toes, this is it! I give it 5/5 wine glasses 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 

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First book post!! 

My first post yeah!! This whole thing started when a book caught my eye the other day. It was The Red Queen dies, by Frankie Y Bailey. It was written in 2013 and is set in 2019. 

The book is an easy to read mystery, that had no problem keeping my attention. There is a serial killer on the loose with three victims that don’t seem to fit together. Hints from Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of  are spread through out the book.  Even after finding the common link I had still not settled on who I thought the killer was. In the end it takes a slightly unexpected turn, and leaves you with a small “ah-ha” moment. 

Over all it was a great book, that I was able to relax and somewhat mindlessly read. The beginning throws you off with an alien attack that doesn’t seem to fit, and isn’t mentioned but maybe one or two more times and is irrelevant. Another thing that bothered me, because I thought that I had missed the explanation, were the ORBS. These I’m guessing are cell phone like projectors of the new age. I wanted to know if they were “orbs” or O.R.B’s. After some googling I found that I was not the only one who felt like they needed further explanation.  Often the futuristic parts seemed awkwardly placed in, but I don’t feel like it made the book less enjoyable. 
I give this book 4/5 glasses of wine.                🍷🍷🍷🍷