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It’s been a while!! Work, VIPKID, Vacay!!

I have had a few people asking when I was going to blog again…well here it is! I was going through the application process with VIPKID, a company in Beijing that hires American teachers to teach young children English through an online service.  Drum roll please…. and I got word while I was on vacation that I got the job! I am super excited. It is everything I love about teaching, without some of the things that are so aggravating about teaching.

It is one on one, done at home, at hours that are convenient for me, no direct communication  with the parents, and only requires a few of my favorite teaching props.  It seems like it will be a good fit, and I just uploaded my intro video, which is what the parents use to pick out their teachers. I should start opening my schedule this week, and should get a few classes. I also want to work on my “classroom”, which really consists of organizing everything around my laptop stand so that I can easily get to everything while in “class”.

I won’t be doing much reading for now, but I do plan on writing more about the day to day happenings. I will also post updates on my classes, as more start filling. I hope everyone has a great week, I promise to write soon! image1